Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Mar del Plata (22-25/Nov/06)

Ushuaia, Argentina

Mar del Plata is where half the PorteƱos (Buenos Aires residents) go for their summer holidays. Probably all of them will be there this summer as the other half normally goes to Uruguay but Argentina and Uruguay are having a bit of a tiff at the moment over pollution by some paper factories on the border.

But now it is low season so we wanted to check it out without the crowds. It would be the equivalent of being slightly south of Madrid, at the end of spring, so weather can be a bit dodgy. First day we managed to spend the morning on the beach, but around 3ish we had to leave as it was getting cold (this is where the Patagonian winds begin) and went to a really amazing museum - a huge (in fact one of the biggest in the world) collection of shells. Well, we really liked it, but we later spoke to 3 other people and they weren't too impressed. Maybe being mesmerized because of suffering from a hangover helped.

Next day it rained, so not much happened. But the next two days we were back on the beach, giving our tan a last blast before heading south.


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